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Being Smart with Money!

Meet Ayie... 

Chapter 1: Your Money, Income and Financial Responsibility

Photo credit to BNM LAT Exhibition

Hi! Hello. Apa khabar?

Ayie is 17 years old and has big dreams. He came from a humble "Kampung house" (Village).

He wants to explore the world and be a successful entrepreneur.  

Meet Ali... 

Ayie keeps a Goal Card, and read it every day to remind himself.

My name is Ayie and I am 17 years old. One day I will travel the whole world, enjoy local delicacies and will own my own investment firm

Ayie knows that to achieve his dreams, he needs to start being smart about money!

Hi! Hello. Apa khabar?

If I start managing my money now, I can plan for the future!

Why is money such an important thing?

Easiest way to exchange for things we need such as house, food, vehicle, entertainment

Of course, people say money is not everything, but we need money for almost anything. 

Being smart with money can help improve your personal life and of course, people around you. Look at philanthropist around you! 

Where does money comes from? 

Income or salary is the money you are paid in exchange for the work that you do, or the things that you sell

Recognise any of them? 

Do you know that Salary comes from the Latin word salarium, with the root word sal which means salt!

There are three types of income

Active Income

You have to work to get money.

example part-time at Starbucks or the usual 9 am - 5 pm work in the office

Passive Income

You don't have to work to get money!

example save your money now and get more in the future, investing!

Negative Income

Your decision makes you lose money!

example internet scams, gambling, telephone or emails "giving" free money, or schemes promising 10% per month return

Beware! because you don't want to burn your hard earned money to these people!

Help Ayie decide what type of income is he thinking of...

  1. I will help my mom sell lemonade and nasi lemak so I can get some extra pocket money

  2. If I save RM20 a month, in one year I will be receiving more than what I put in!

  3. Maybe I can help paint my neighbour's gate for RM10..

  4. I received an email asking me to give my account details to win USD1,000,000 prize! wow! 

Important lesson: Learn how to manage your money and be financially responsible

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